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Do you find it odd that 2020 is so off kilter?

And it really did start in late October 2019. Just weird stuff going on since then, right?

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    Well, it's interesting that  BEFORE Covid 19.........there was all this growing concern over climate change. 

    and then out of nowhere.......BAMMM!!!!!!   There's a world wide pandemic. 

    What I don't anyone asking if the pandemic, could possibly be related to the ever increasing climate change? 

    I hear some people talking about this being the "New Normal"........and that could be  *because* of  permanent  climate changes. 

    Just yesterday........Northern Italy had a freakish  HAIL storm. 

    Golf ball size hail,  from Piedmont to Liguria.....

    we only got the tail end of it, here in Liguria......but up in Piedmont.....there are vineyards that are WIPED OUT. 

    The hail just destroying  gardens, and crops, and vineyards. 

    These people were already suffering due to the Covid-19......and now this...........just wipes them out.   It's just been a BRUTAL year so far for a lot of businesses. 

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    Bushfires in Oz, Volcano Eruption in NZ, CoronaVirus world Wide, Kobe and Daughter Die in Helicopter Crash, Death of George Floyd,Protests, Riots , yeah seems this year might be the worst of our lives

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    Post in "Current Events"  please, not here.

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    Just look at the crazy answers you are getting here and it's no wonder what the world is coming too.  People are the ones putting the world off-kilter and you have a primary example of them here.  It seems to me that 2020 is just the start of it.  

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    I think it all started when Gary the Human Being started posting his chat violations anonymously thinking that he was fooling anyone.

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    Agreed, there was a format change in September on YA. Most people have forgotten that since there was another format change in December and Yahoo stopped charging 5 points for questions and awarding 6 points for choosing best answers. 

    In the United States, Things have been weird and getting weirder so 've Trump was inaugurated. Things get more chaotic by the  hour. Then the world "ended" in the middle of March when everything started shutting down because of covid-19. Many if us have almost forgotten what "normal" was.  I am assuming from the time of day you are NOT in the USA. 

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