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Is it weird that my partner lets his 13 yr old sleep in our bed Sometimes despite having her own room? ?

It’s just frustrating for me as every single space is shared and that one place is mine and his he lets the teenage daughters sleep in it when they please regardless of showers etc. Even our work spaces now have to be shared which doesn’t bother me, but one place that’s ours only where we rest bothers me to have everyone in and out as they please. He gets funny if my 5yo goes to sleep in our bed before going to her bed in our room at night. 

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    A toddler that age might be too old for that .. you better check with someone who knows like a pediatrist or someone

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    weird? No. It shows the openness within the family, which is a good thing. Some do set different limits within a family, that is neither good nor bad, it just is.

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