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Are all Chinese moms and parents like this? I was the unfortunate kid that was born into a Chinese family, my mom is a psycho. I think she actually have mental illness...i have a older sister and a younger brother. Chinese families favor boys, so my mom screams at me and my sister to go die/kill ourselves every time we do something little, she screams for hours nonstop, when she does that, dad comes out and stare at us and grits his teeth asking what happened. He never knows what's going on, he never listens to us. Dad only really gets mad and hits us when ever mom starts screaming at us to go die and stuff. Our family is messed up. Mom screamed at me to go die and threw nasty words at me when i changed the video on the tv (and my niece was watching it too) my niece cried because apparently she liked the video before i changed it and mom heard her crying so she stomped over to us and began hitting me and screaming that i should die "if you were never born i could've lived another 10 years" and "i'll kill you and bury you in my backyard and use you as fertilizer." 

She's all bark no bite, all words no action. 

Well she used to not be, she used to beat me till i'm bruised up and bleeding when i was smaller. I went to 3rd grade like that and teacher asked so i told them about my mom, yeah the school called the police. So now she doesn't use violence, but just words. She lets dad do the bruising now. 

My sister is also a victim. I can't move out, i'm 16.



note: she just slap and shove me now, which is nothing compared to years ago before the police came to our house.

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    if shes being abusive call cps

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    🤓 Normal. Except for the 'go die' part. 

    And I'm not even Chinese but our values are similar.

    Every race is prevalent with psycho moms. They spank too. 

    Your mom seems nicer compared to mine, my grandma and aunts growing up. I got punched in the face consecutively and hit over the head with a pot. Wooden spoon beatings. 

    The difference between you and me is I survived with the understanding as to why it was necessary.

    But I just call it bootcamp training.

    Your mom means well. Don't give her a hard time. Listen. And all will be well in the world.

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