Would anyone know the reason or if it's normal to fantasise about running away?

This isn't a sob story I just want my brain to stay in one place and settle down. So any help or similar experiences would be helpful.

I'm 29

I've had 3 mortgages in the space of 5 years (3 different homes) I've had 7 jobs in the space of 11 years. After around 6 months of anything I get bored and fantasise leaving whatever it is I'm doing, or living at the time. It's almost an adrenaline rush knowing that I could wreck everything yet the new life or possibility of the new life overwhelms me. I bought my dream cottage with my girlfriend last year yet the feeling has come back to just escape and find a new adventure leaving everything behind.

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  • 1 month ago
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    To fantasize about 'escaping' means you're feeling over burdened.  Yes, that's 'normal'. What you do is look at why you're overburdened and change the situation.

  • Jesere
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    1 month ago

    Maybe you were meant to go exploring...You like Nature? I know in America you could try Seasonal work at National Parks and Resorts. One web site is coolworks.com. Or lookup each individual Park...Could be similar work in other countries.... 

    My brother did this for almost 20 years. In the Summer he worked up North at Yellowstone or Glacier....in the Winter he worked down South. The Parks and Resorts come to other Parks to recruit workers for the upcoming Season. 

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