What does things like 3/1 mean when talking about odds in betting ?

So like Ana Ivanovic to beat Maria Sharapova 3/1 or something like that.

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  • 3 to 1 odds.  Wager 1 unit, win 3 units.  So if you wagered $100 and won, you'd win $300.

  • August
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    3 months ago

    In tennis the match is determined by the best two out of three sets. So if you win two sets, you win. If you each win a set, then you play a third set to determine the winner.

    Betting odds at 3/1 -  if you place a £10 bet on odds at 3/1, you win £30 plus your £10

  • 3 months ago

    They are betting odds.  If someone is a 3:1 favourite then you get three times your money if you bet on the other person to win, and they do.  (FYI - a "favourite" is the person or team more likely to win and an "underdog" is the person or team less likely to win)

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