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 I had sex with my boyfriend during my ovulation week. It was 2 and 3 days before my ovulation day. It was unprotected. But I bled when I was due my period. However it only lasted 4 days, and it was lighter than normal? I feel sluggish like I’ve just ate a big meal and my boobs feel bigger than normal. We have a daughter together, and I just have this feeling I am. But it’s just I bled when I was due my period? Is this possible I’m pregnant? I’m going to buy a test tomorrow. And also should I wait to test or do it as soon as I buy it. ?

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    Pregnancy hormones are strongest with the first urine after you wake up from sleeping all night.  The hormones build up overnight.  

    If you test any other time of the day - it might be a false negative if the hormones levels were diluted.  Don't test when  you but it - wait for the next morning after you sleep all night.

    You had a period - you are probably not pregnant.  You might not have ovulated when you thought you did.  (apps are ONLY GUESSING based on PAST INFORMATION).

    Even if you did ovulate and even if the egg did get fertilized - there are things that can cause implantation to fail.

    Having sex at the right time for ovulation doesn't always guarantee a pregnancy will start.

    You will need to try again.

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