What should I do with cans of old paint and CRT TVs?

I inherited my parent's house an am in the process of cleaning it out. There are dozens of old paint cans in the cellar and also three 19 inch CRT TVs. Local junk removal services wouldn't take them and they are not accepted at the town recycling center.


I forgot to mention that it is really od, paint and probably contains lead.

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  • 4 months ago
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    Here's how to dispose of old paint.  You dump it out onto a plastic tarp and let it dry. Then you dispose of the tarp in your city's toxic waste facility. CALL your city and ask them where it is. The empty cans can also be taken there. Cans must be emptied first.

    Nearly every city has one of these places--but they aren't well-known. Paint cans are not recyclable--neither is the paint itself. Old televisions and monitors are not considered toxic--but they may have to be taken to some other facility as well. You should absolutely call the city or county and find out where to get rid of this stuff. 

  • Jeremy
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    4 months ago

    Take them all to your local tip and the men who work there will direct you to where each item must be placed.  It's easy providing you have transport to get to the tip.

  • D50
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    4 months ago

    Don't "No Dumping" signs mark popular spots for solving problems like this?

  • ?
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    4 months ago

    Guess it depends on location, there are a number of recycling places within an hour or two of me. Some deal with paints, others oil, others electronics and such.  All cost to accept that crap but the alternative, is contaminating ground water and such. My town has a list of some of these vendors, the rest are found by searching.

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  • 4 months ago

    Our town uses Waste Management for garbage pickup and we have to arrange for special collection of electronic waste like TVs or computer parts or copiers.  They will only take dried up paint cans, too.

  • Anonymous
    4 months ago

    We moved recently and had this issue.

    Open the paint cans. Add cat litter or sand and leave them where they can dry up undisturbed by pets and weather. It could take time for cans more than half full. Only when they're dry can you throw the paint can out with the trash.

    Or, if you have multiple cans of the same color paint, Habitat for Humanity may take them. IIRC, their minimum is two full gallons.

    Or, if you have multiple cans and partial cans of the same kind of paint (i.e., interior latex eggshell), you can mix them all together to see if you get a decent color you can then use yourself or donate once you put it back in the cans. Or offer it free on Craigslist.

    Because CRT TVs contain heavy metals, you cannot recycle them with other recycling or throw them out with the trash. You need to find an electronics recycling event--usually held only a few times a year--and drive them to it. Where I was living, the lines got crazy-long, so go early.

  • 4 months ago

    Put cat litter in the paint to dry it up and then throw it in the trash. The TVs probably have to go the landfill.

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