How is liberal arts useful?

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  • 3 months ago
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    Hi Sury - With the exception of a major in economics, you will find that a liberal arts degree generally is not a job qualification. Completing a Bachelors degree in one of those majors will show that you can focus on, and complete, requirements over an extended period of time - usually 4 years.

    Then you find employment and learn a job, or go onto further academic study.

    Many successful entrepreneurs and self-employed professionals  started with a liberal arts degree. Government, military, corporate administration and similar occupational fields are loaded with liberal arts graduates. The non-profit sector has many liberal arts major graduates.

    Also, liberal arts majors are often the most interesting people you will meet.

    If you do want a major that is in itself a job qualification, look at STEM [except over-crowded Biology], education, mainstream health care, business, or economics.

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  • John
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    3 months ago

    Entry into a number of professions requires a 4 year college degree in any subject.  Those careers include civil service positions, military officers, and many commission sales positions.  My sister made a career in literature, after majoring in English.  I worked in state government for 13 years after majoring in Political Science.  My branch of the agency was filled almost exclusively by Liberal Arts graduates.  

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