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PR asked in PetsCats · 1 month ago

Plants that can harm CAT EYES?

I am trying to help with some rescue kittens. I realize that many cat eye problems are associated with the cat herpes virus, and I suspect some of these kittens are suffering from this. We have taken them to the VET, as well as using Lysine to help strengthen the immune systems. They get prescription eye drops to help heal the irritation - from the vet.

BUT - The person where these cats have come from keeps saying she thinks there is a plant that may be causing irritation. Two of the kittens have had extremely severe eye issues, one with the second eyelid, its sibling having an issue right on the lens/cornea. Vet had no conjecture as to what caused it - just more eye drops. 

The second kitten had the irritation on the cornea. Almost healed but may have some lasting damage. I have seen pictures of a plant called "foxtail" that can cause severe damage to pets, even on the eyes.

Does anyone know of other plants that might cause irritation to the eye in a cat? If this is the case, we can search for these plants and remove them so at least the adult cats will be relieved of the likelihood of further problems.

YES, she is getting the cats spayed and neutered. Of course, it is difficult to catch everyone, and it takes just one female cat to start things all over again!!

ADDITIONALLY: Besides Lysine, does anyone know what to use for cats to boost their immune system? Any ideas would be great and especially if you have had experience with it. 

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  • 1 month ago

    I highly doubt its a plant. Certain plants do have sap that's an irritant but the plant would need to break to release sap and the cats would have to get it in their eyes somehow. 

  • Lauren
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    1 month ago

    It is highly unlikely that the plant is causing an issue for the cat's eyes, but the ASPCA website has some great information about things that are poisonous to cats. 

    The cats probably have Herpes virus or chlamydia or one of the various other things that affect cat eyes. They will likely struggle with this the rest of their lives, especially if the immune system is not doing well. 

    Unfortunately, the lysine thing may not work at all. New research is suggesting that it may potentially be harmful or likely just doesn't work. Some vets are still recommending it because we just do not know. It's probably worth a try, given that we don't have a whole lot of evidence, but really can't say.

    Some people believe that probiotics for cats, such as Purina Fortiflora may actually boost the immune system as well. So you might try looking into that as well because it's unlikely to do any harm.

    Cat eyes can be a difficult subject sometimes. And it's true that one of the cats may have permanent damage from their eye issues. You might consider looking into a specialist - a veterinary ophthalmologist could provide some more information as well.  

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