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Even though no. of daily COVID19 new cases continues to increase, the no. of deaths continues to fall. Why should we still be afraid then?

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  • Ray S
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    1 month ago

    Keep in mind that increases in the number of deaths from covid-19 lags about three weeks behind  increases in the number of cases. And, they're now determining that if it doesn't kill you, it could ruin some aspect of health for the rest of your life ... If you're lucky, it won't affect you any more than would a flu. But, it could be devastating to a friend or family member you pass it off to as an asymptomatic carrier.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Seriously?  You think death is the only thing to fear from an illness? 

    Maybe you should be concerned that hospitals will be overrun and have trouble treating everyone that requires treatment.  That delaying treatments could result in non-COVID deaths and disabilities.   There is an impact on patients that don't have COVID.

    Maybe you should be concerned about the economic impact of people loosing time from work and unable to support their families and the loss of productivity for the company.  (Examples such as issues with the food production supply chain.)  

    Maybe you should be concerned about people suffering of weeks upon weeks and the mental health tolls on person and community.

    Maybe you should be concerned with the possible disabilities and other long-term consequences related to COVID-19, many of which we are only just becoming aware of.

    But many of these things depend on someone actually understanding and caring that what they do affects others and their community.   People who only care about themselves and being able to do what they want to do will have trouble accepting that very real consequences to others in their community.

  • 1 month ago

    “As we discussed yesterday, that’s because they want you to think cases equals sickness, equals irreversible sickness, equals death.

    They don’t actually say it. They want you to conclude it.” -Rush Limbaugh 

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Most of us won't get polio or German measles. Or TB. Or whooping cough. Or diphtheria. But we still vaccinate. If we didn't, there would be outbreaks.  Until there's a vaccine, wear the darned mask. Distance.  It's not complicated

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  • 1 month ago

    In fact, if more people get the disease and do not die. The mortality rate based off percentage will drop. 

  • There have been 132,000 deaths from covid-19 and the number rises every day.  I'm not aware of anyone who died of covid-19 coming back to life.

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