What is the difference between a degree and a certificate?

I obtained an associate of arts degree in English from my local community college. I really want to go back to my community college to major in something else possibly more lucrative but was wondering what the difference was between a degree and a certificate?

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    A degree can only be an Associate, Bachelor, Masters or Doctorate are academic degrees.  



    Your Associate degree is only good  if you plan to continue to a university for a Bachelor degree. 

    Think of a job first, then the education or training needed to get the job.  

    Research job beginning salary, average sales and highest salary in the field. Growth of the field in the next five years. 

    If you are willing to move look at opportunities and salary on other areas of the US

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    The major difference between a Degree and a Certificate is the value associated with them.

    A Degree is a 3-year program which is an in-depth course to give you practical and theoretical knowledge of the subject. For example, if you choose Psychology in a Degree program, you will get the required knowledge as well as full fill the basic requirement of a job. 

    On the other hand, if you are just pursuing a certificate, it is a small course that can be taken in addition to the degree. A simple certificate holds less value. 

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    One of the biggest differences between a degree, certificate, and Diploma is the time it takes to earn them. A degree comes in many forms and takes the longest to complete. It can be an associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s, or even a doctorate. A degree can take anywhere from two to four years or longer.

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    A certificate is generally a designation that someone has learned and mastered a specific skill within a field.  A teaching certificate, rather than degree, denotes that someone has learned the skill or art of teaching, but not necessarily lesson planning, classroom management, testing, and other skills taught in an education degree program.

    A degree is an academic rank conferred by a college or university after examination or after completion of a course of study.  

    The associate degree suggests that an individual has taken a course of study enough to be associated with a field of study.  It has been associated with the notion of "possessing knowledge" of the craft.

    The bachelor's degree suggests that the person knows enough about a field of study to be an independent person as a professional in the field - historically it denoted a young knight capable of serving under the banner of a higher lord.  It has been associated with the notion of "understanding and applying" the craft.

    The Master's degree suggests a person has mastered enough of the elements of a field of study to be considered a consummate professional (or master) of the craft.  It has been associated with being able to "make inferences and solve problems" using the craft.

    The doctoral degree comes from the Latin doctor, stemming from docere meaning "to teach".  It suggests that the person is not only a master, but capable of teaching the craft to others. It has been associated with "understanding the impact and implications" as well as finding the "underlying assumptions" within the craft.

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    I have a college diploma, so that would mean that my college education is greater than someone who has a college certificate.

    My college curriculum consists more than someone who would earn a college certificate.

    A degree should consist of a larger curriculum than a college diploma.

    Anyway it just depends on what you want to learn, and how much you want to learn.

    Maybe if you want you can self tech yourself like me, so by doing this your education will increase, and this depends on if you can successfully do this on your own.

    Remember certificates, diplomas, and degrees are only paper. What matters most is what you are able to learn. :)

    Do you know where I keep my college diploma?

    I decided to put my college diploma in a storage tote. What matters to me is what I am able to learn, so I can use my knowledge to serve other people.

    Certificates, Diplomas, Degrees etc don't really matter in the real world. What matters is WHAT you can offer to another human being.

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    the question should be, which of these will help you get and keep a well paying job.  and that is specific to the program of study and the school.  ask their placement people, not the academic advisors

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    An AA degree is the first level of the degree program.  You would need a teaching degree or a Masters for an degree in English to be profitable.  A certificate is usually what is presented on completion of a course of study that is not part of a degree program, but a counselor could explain it better to you.

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    There are variations but typically a "degree" is a four year program and a "certificate" is a one or two your program.  

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