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What places near New York city would you recommend to visit? And what places in New York would you recommend to visit and to live?

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    Not really near NYC, but I'd recommend Cape May, NJ (closer to Philadelphia).  

    The Adirondacks (Saratoga > Lake George > Lake Placid > Fort Ticonderoga) is the best kept secret in the USA.  

  • Robert
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    1 month ago

    I"d avoid New York City until after murder season or until they get a new mayor.  West Point is about 40 miles north.  There are about 10 zillion scenic things to look at up and down the Hudson River Valley.  If you want to travel farther there is the wolds largest Kaleidoscope about 120 miles form the city in Ulster County.  The animal farm that everyone watched a giraffe give birth during their internet feed is north of Binghamton in Harpursville.  Niagara Falls is on the western part of the state far enough away from New York City that the bullets from their gang activity cannot reach you there.  And you can see Canada right across the Niagara River, although you can not visit there until after the plague. You can tour an abandoned cement mine in Rosendale 70 miles north of the city.  So there is lots to see in New York.  You may survive the trip with all except your money if you stay away from the virus filled crime zone at the ocean end of the Hudson River.  

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