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For those of you who voted for Trump, are you going to vote for him again?

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    It is a truly sad reflection on the state of affairs in this country, and largely one due to the influence of a biased media and a dumbed down, poorly-educated (read: indoctrinated by a biased system of academia) populace, that a morally-bankrupt chronic liar is the FAR BETTER CHOICE for the future of the country than ANY leftist-globalist.  And how we got a morally-bankrupt chronic liar as president is because he's the only one who would stand up and fight.  Had any of the so-called conservative Republicans actually showed the backbone Trump has, we might not be where we are today.  No third-party candidate is a viable option. I would vote libertarian except for the fact that it would be a vote for Biden. I am thankful to this day that Ralph Nader, a man who I agree with on practically nothing, ran in 2000, because he is why Gore lost Florida and lost the election to Bush - not hanging chads or 'miscounted' votes.

    So yes, I will hold my nose and vote for Trump, and pray that the leftist-globalists never control the White House again.

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    Definitely! He's the only one who is actually fighting the corruption to help all Americans. If Trump is reelected we will have a strong economy, with plentiful energy, jobs, low taxes, as well as safety and security. He will also help people to be able to have freedom of speech and allow open debate. Biden seems to have completely lost his mind and is trying to hide from debating Trump so the fact that he is mentally incompetent will not be visible. He also has an extreme agenda that will ruin the economy and embraces division, hatred, and "cancel culture" that will silence anyone who stands in his way. 

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    ABSOLUTELY! I would regardless, but Biden? Really? 

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    Put it this way.  If you want to pay more in taxes, have less of your hard earned money, loose your retirement pension or see it dwindle, and have a less secured Nation, vote Left. The Left does not like others richer than others except for themselves.

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    Yes, as bad as Trump can sometimes appear, the alternative is much, much worse if you like working and keeping your money, as well as keeping your personal freedoms.

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    Given the alternatives, I probably will.

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    Nope. I didn't vote for him the first time and won't vote for him in 2020. I don't vote Republican...EVER. This year I'm voting for Howie Hawkins.

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    Of course. He's been an excellent president. It is only unfortunate that leftist sheep believe whatever the media has to say and can't think critically.

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    Of course, absolutely

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