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Do caffeine pills work as good as coffee and energy drinks?

Will I get the same or very similar motivational/energetic effects from consuming 400mg of caffeine from caffeine pills compared to consuming 400mg of caffeine from 5-hour energy drinks?

I've read that the caffeine effect is stronger from drinking coffee and energy drinks compared to caffeine pills. Someone claimed they tried all three (pills, energy drinks, coffee) and compared the effect. This doesn't make sense to me because caffeine is caffeine. At least this wouldn't make sense for coffee, whereas you can claim that the other stuff they add to energy drinks increases energy.Years ago I’ve used caffeine pills and energy drinks and believed that the energy drinks provided me with more energy. This could have just been in my head or something, though.


When I said that someone tried all three, I do not mean that they tried all three at the same time.

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  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    No, the pills work differently than the drinks.  Pills wear off a bit faster.  The 5 hour energy drink seems to last longer in the body, meaning you will feel up for 5 or more hours.  However, be prepared for the hard crash, which hits the body all at once your caffeine and sugar levels drop.

  • kswck2
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    4 weeks ago

    Few doctors would suggest you take caffeine pills. 

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