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Was Bruce Lee unaware of the different kind of full contact fight championships all over the world that already existed in his time?

I mean sambo in Russia, vale tudo in Brazil ( I read this had already existed in Brazil years before Bruce Lee was born ), sanda in China, muay thai in Thailand.


So, had Bruce Lee become aware of them ( in the case he wasn't aware ), how well do you think he would have performed in those championships IN HIS WEIGHT CATEGORY?


I also read Sanda championships had already existed in China even before Bruce Lee was born

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  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    I agree Steel brought some great points.

    1 point missed or not explored would be.. If he did actually compete what would happen long run to him. If Bruce won it would boost his status. If he lost, which he would do to technical knowledge he did not know. He would suffer more than just a loss in a match. It would have ruined his livelyhood. If he lost he would loose all his clients and status.

    That is probably the best reason why he never competed.

    I you loose on sunday, your fired on monday.

    It becomes more than a loss in ust a match. It setsup a psychological and financial downfall many can never recover from.

  • Steel
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    4 weeks ago

    I'm sure he was aware of some of them to a degree. What made Bruce Lee iconic wasn't that he was completely original in his thinking or concepts; it was more how he simplified them and popularized them. Bear in mind he was a philosophy major in college, and it is plain to see that he reworded existing ideas.

    As far as actual training in the martial arts, again, cross-training and full-contact sparring/bouts already existed, but he popularized them due to his charisma and fame. He was also very fit physically and had a great deal of natural prowess which compensated for his lack of technical knowledge. In that vein, I think he would fare well should he have competed in his weight category - until he met someone whose technical ability could overshadow his natural speed.

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