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Shouldn't small gov't Republicans be at the front of BLM lines in support talking about gov't overreach and violence against civilians? ?

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    I think you'll find that there are a lot of shades of nuance to this.

    First of all, Black Lives Matter is a self-avowed Marxist organization (it's in their own training materials!).  So you're not going to get many Republicans supporting that group.  However, that doesn't mean that Republicans disagree that black lives matter (note the lower case).  Many hate the phrase, but if you get past the propaganda and to the meat, many will agree that these extrajudicial killings need to stop.

    Republicans have always had a strong support for law & order.  So there are some Republicans that are clinging to this.  However, I think you'll find that most of these, the actual educated ones anyway, still agree that there are SOME reforms they would agree to.  But they're going to be keenly opposed to any policy that is seen as weakening law & order.  So you have to pick your spots.

    There are also a large number of libertarian minded Republicans who would gladly support a much larger set of reforms and in fact have been screaming about police reform and criminal justice reform a lot longer than BLM has existed.  This group used to be a very very small part of the GOP but has been gradually growing.

    But I think in both groups you're going to have to seek reform that BALANCES societal interests for strong law enforcement with the interests to reform.  Neither group is likely to have much respect for 'defund the police' which is a preposterous slogan and is a nonstarter.  But careful reform is DEFINITELY on the table.  

    The Tim Scott bill in the Senate was actually a pretty good bill.  Was it everything *I* would want?  No.  But it was better than the status quo, and the Democrats killed it because they wanted the issue to campaign on in the fall.  You'll notice that Pelosi loaded up the house bill with poison pills she knew Republicans would vote against precisely so that nothing would get done.  Pelosi can't support real reform because she needs the unions, and they will oppose anything but token reform aimed at making the issue go away.  So she threw out a bill she knew would fail and keep the issue alive and force Republicans onto a side of the issue that will cause any blue district moderates to lose in November.

    Pelosi outsmarted Trump again.  Unfortunately.

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    4 weeks ago

    "Where there is no law but each man does what is right in his own eyes, there is the least of real Liberties."

    -- Henry M Roberts; "Roberts Rules of Order"

    Dems are just keeping Blacks on the LBJ plantation. 

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    Because the left has polarized the issue by making it about black Americans.  In reality 2x the number of unarmed whites are gunned down or otherwise killed by police.  And that’s with a much, much lower per capita crime rate.  Astronomically lower.  Republicans believe in equality for all, not special treatment and special rules for some.  

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    Providing law and order is a basic function of government.  And we Republicans love law and order. 

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  • 4 weeks ago

    I can get behind that particular cause. It's the other 99% of crap they demand that I can't support. 

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    Without a doubt. Those moronic BLMers have almost certainly gift-wrapped the coming election for tRump.

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    They don't not care. They just want to militarize over blacks.

    They don't care that we blacks are human beings.  

  • Mike
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    4 weeks ago

    Vote against democrats ,Problem solved

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