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If my dogs have blue eyes will their puppies?

I’m not sure if dog genetics work like humans do, but if the mom and dad both have blue eyes does that mean most likely the litter will as well? Either eye color is fine, I just am curious.

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    I don't help BYBers.  You did not learn the things you need to know about breeding dogs.  You are ignorant about dog breeding.  You did not get the genetic testing to prove your dog is worthy of breeding, nor have you had several males tested so you could use selective breeding.  You have no idea if your dog can carry a little to full term, you don't recognize if something goes wrong.  Did you ever get a Vet exam prior to breeding?  You do not know what you are doing.

    Eye color can vary a lot,  the most dominant gene will dictate eye color.

  • 1 month ago

    Depends on what is causing the blue eyes.

    If these are both merle dogs, for example..  You have bigger issues to worry about than what color eyes you will get..  As some of the puppies could he born with NO eyes

    If one dogs eyes are blue because they are recessive blue, but the other has blue eyes due to merle or a dilution gene that affects the pigment, then you may end up with brown eyed puppies

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    blue eyes are recessive in genetics. if the other parent dog has any colour other than blue (which you stated that they both have blue), then the chances are that the litter won't have blue eyes. however, since both of your dogs have blue eyes then the eye genetics in the litter are only blue, meaning that they can only have blue eyes (except in cases of genetic mutations, though those are very rare)

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    1 month ago

    No, not necessarily.  It's about recessed genes.

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