Stuck on the last step of HR Block Tax Return?

Here is the message I see on one of the last pages of the HR Block tax return:

"You're one big step closer to finishing your taxes! It’s good to be almost done with the tax part, right? You can cross Colorado off your to-do list for only [price]."

There is a button for "Keep Colorado Return" and another button for "Remove Colorado Return". Are they trying to sell me a product? If I clock "Remove", will all my work go away?

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  • 1 month ago
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    The are trying to get you to pay to do a state tax return, in addition to your federal tax return.

    If you are trying to do only a federal tax return, and you click "remove", your work for the federal tax return won't go away.  But you may still need to do a state tax return (I don't know Colorado state tax law well enough to say).

    If you want to use H&R Block for your state tax return as well as your federal tax return, then click "keep" and pay the price (H&R Block won't do your Colorado state tax return for free even if you qualified to have them do your federal return for free).

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