What is the board used for and what is the circular  eight pin component in the center?

My brother brought these  two PCB's home to see what they would be used for.  We disassembled but have not yet touched the second.  We want to know what the boards are used for and what the eight pin component in the center is and what it does. 

The board I believe is made by GECO electronics and is marked 150758 REV. 10 and the component which is not marked on the second one shown in the photo is marked B.W. 60-0005.  I've already contacted BW electronics in the UK and they have no useful information.  


I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post a website here but I'm going to try. This is not the device but it is the exact same board that I have.  I'm confused on the black circular 8 pin connector that has the bolt running through to the trace side of the board. 


2 Answers

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    It's part of the control box for a hopper system, e.g. watch this:


    Youtube thumbnail

    It's made by FMC - address at end of video.

  • 1 month ago

    need a photo.

    the numbers are company specific and not universal part numbers

    the 8 pin part could be many things. opamp, opto coupler, several transistors, diode bridge, 4 resistors, etc.

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