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i dated this girl for 5 months then she broke up. Now she wants me to be her best friend! Should i just remove her from everywhere. ?

i want her back as my gf. i love her a lot but she just doesn't want to date me as she has to go to another country. She said she is open to dating tho (which means other guys obviously)


she says i am good guy plus Caring and kind so she wants me as her best friend. should i keep talking to her? Maybe she become my gf again?

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    Block her from everything. "best friend" means you're never ever going to be a boyfriend or get any sex from her. You do realize that she will forget about you as soon as she will find a boyfriend, so don't waste your time on her to begin with.

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    Yes you should remove her from everywhere. Women often do this right after breaking up with a guy who they  were attracted to but didn't meet their standards for dating. It makes them feel better because they feel bad for breaking up with you. On your side it just makes you hold onto them longer hoping you can change her mind. But the core issue with that is the reason she doesn't want to date you is You. So it won't happen unless you drastically change as a person. You should end all ties and move on to finding a girl who likes you as is. 

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    She doesnt value your time.She had her chance.Move on.Look for girls who are interested in you and they would like to be with you.

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    Dump her! Why would you EVER care so little about yourself to let her use you like this? You deserve someone better who will put YOU first, it must be mutual to last.

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    That's what you call a friend zone. If you don't want to stay that way man up. Say no and don't talk to her. If she realizes she needs you more than a friend good otherwise break it off.

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    Hello friend, 

    You are just a bodyguard for the time being so that no other man will disturb her till she go out of the country. Even you too. I think she is not ready for any relationship , she is kind of career oriented or money oriented.Anyways no hard feelings brother better try your luck. Forget that she is you ex or girlfriend, just behave as a friend even you have feelings for her. Don't expect anything.Men always have a childish and fun nature in them and possessiveness makes women more disturbed. They think that you are not serious regarding career or life. Which makes them to dump or breakup.Concentrate on career and future. If she come back to you or not , you will have a good career and future. all the best brother, that 's all i can say.

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    She's `probably rated her a 5 but you're still dating her.

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    It wasn’t a bad break up and you guys are cool with each other so don’t remove her. You still love her, that’s alright. That means you want her in some capacity In your life. Keep talking to her but don’t push the boundaries of close friends. You will feel worse if you lose her completely. Always keep your dating life open to others untill you do find someone you love but always consider the possibility of her wanting you back. Stay close but see who life pairs you up with, you can’t force this 

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    She probably thinks being friends would be easier than dating and being long distance. I don't see how you would change her mind though because it honestly sounds like she's made up her mind.

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