ASUS WL-138G how to connect to my router on Windows 7?

I've got a ASUS WL-138G WLAN card complete with CD. Have installed it into my Optiplex machine running Windows 7 x32. After having installed the original driver by Asus from the CD the device manager then updated the driver to 'Marvel Libertas 802.11b/g wireless. The task bar shows the card attempting to connect to my router after typing in my password, the adapter shows to me working in the back of the desktop from indicator light. But it can't get a successful Internet connection. I'd really like to get this card successfully working in my machine with my router so any advice on how to achieve this or tutorial steps would be greatly appreciated.

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    4 weeks ago

    uh, that is a VERY OLD OUTDATED wifi card...

    it uses Wireless G, which is about 3 generations old (hasn't been used since Windows XP).

    your router probably uses much newer technology (at least i hope). so it probably does not support it.

    if you have a PCI-Express slot, this should work for you:

    if you DON'T have a PCI Express slot, maybe it's just time for a new computer? Windows 7 is no longer supported, and your PC is obviously too old to run it well anyways...

  • 1 month ago

    Do you actually have internet from ISP.

  • 1 month ago

    Get a network cable and connect your computer to the "gateway/router"

    Do you get an internet connection displayed in the task bar?

    You can access your router using a browser and the IP address your gateway/router uses. Make sure you have wireless enabled on your router.If you do get an internet connection with the wired connection. Download the wireless driver from the website of the manufacturer for your computers wireless adapter. 

    Delete the old driver and only use the original driver from "dell"

  • 1 month ago

    It's been a while since I used Windows 7, sir, but can't you 'roll back' the driver to the initial installed one ... that's assuming that you were able to connect to your router using that, seeing as you say that Device Manager is updating the driver to 'Marvel Libertas 802.11b/g wireless'.  If I recall correctly, Device Manager will only update the driver if YOU request it to in Windows 7.

    Download the correct driver for your Operating Sytem directl from the ASUS website, sir, making sure you select whether your Windows 7 version is 32-bit or 64-bit.

    Of course, as you're not able to connect to the internet via your computer at the moment, you MAY need to use a different device, such as a Tablet, or get someone else to download it for you.

    Unzip the file and copy it to a USB Flash Drive ... assuming your computer has USB ports, and then install it from there.

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