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I had a Skype video job interview yesterday for a job I was really interested in. The manager interviewing me was not on video but I was. The interview was going well it lasted close to an hour and when I was in the middle of asking questions suddenly I could no longer hear the interviewer. I constantly kept saying hello hello and nobody answered so I logged out of the interview which only took me five seconds and logged back in and by the time I did she was gone. I tried to contact her by email and phone and have not heard anything else from her this was yesterday. I went ahead and sent her a thank you email for interviewing me. I checked my job status on the company’s website this morning and it has not changed still saying completed. I just thought that it was strange that she never tried to contact me back so I’m a little concerned that I’m not in the running anymore. Is there anything else that I should be doing or anything else I should do?

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  • 1 month ago
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    Odd there was no follow up afterwards.  Typically you have an HR/Recruiter that you're dealing with as well you can contact.   

    If this was actually Skype and you weren't just using that term for another video communication tool, then I'm not surprised the issues you had.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    It was probably a test.  She was testing you to see how you respond and she didn't like the way you handled the situation.  They like to play these frivolous games with people.

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