Why do supervisors or managers always use the excuse “I don’t know the job because I’m not the person who does it”?

Yes to a degree it is true that the main job of a supervisor or manager is to watch and ensure their subordinates are doing their job but that shouldn’t prevent them from taking the initiative to learn the job. The workplace has changed and people my generation never stick at the same job for too long and when I quit my job I can imagine how stressful it will be for my supervisor because she depends on me a lot and is always relieved when I return from vacation. There is one supervisor on my floor who irritates the living $hit out of me because of her attitude. She thinks she is better because she is the managers pet but she has no idea what her team does and takes no initiative 

to learn it and when she is challenged by someone else in the company her team services she always pull the excuse I don’t know, that’s not my job, the person who did left etc. and to me it’s bull$hit she needs to take responsibility for her shortfall. She is an extreme case on my floor but I noticed a lot of supervisors and managers including my own is the same. I was really sassy and kind of rude when someone talked to me about the clueless manager because they were complaining about her. I made a rude joke and said I bet if everyone in the company played a game called guess what she can do, no one would win because they wouldn’t know an answer to that question. Also I noted she is so clueless that I doubt she knows how to wipe her own @ss because if she did the World would be a better place but 


It’s not. They laughed and said it was really mean of me to say that but they agreed there was a sharp truth to the message behind my statement.

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  • Scott
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    1 month ago
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    A supervisor should understand or be able to do the jobs of those they supervise. Ideally, the supervisor was promoted from the same group that he/she now supervises. 

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Never bad mouth your coworkers in front of your other coworkers.  You're losing their respect.  It's just not a respectable behavior to participate in.  I agree with the guy who said your perspective will prevent you from ever advancing to a leadership position within the company.  Would you want someone like that leading others in your company?  I know I wouldn't.

  • 1 month ago

    Another public school product who doesn't understand what a paragraph is. You should line up each of your English teachers over the years, and slap them, one by one.

    Your rant is dripping with "Me, Me, Me." Who cares? People hire you to do what they want you to do. They're not living their lives to cater to your excuse that "the workplace has changed."

    They hired you and are paying you to do the job. If they wanted to do it themselves, they wouldn't bother hiring you, Sherlock.

    Good managers get their employees to do the work they want them to do. Who is more valuable? The goose who can lay golden eggs? Or the goose who can teach other geese how to lay golden eggs?

    Your perspective will block you from ever advancing to a management position.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Most do not, kid.

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