Mehak bought a dress which was yellow in colour. Underline the pronoun and mention what kind of pronoun it is ?


Kind of pronouns like relative, possessive, demonstrative, subject pronoun, object pronoun etc..

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  • 6 months ago
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    "which" is a relative pronoun introducing a relative or adjective clause. A pronoun replaces a noun- in this case, "which" stands for "dress". 

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    6 months ago

    Ask your teacher not to waste your time on sentences that no native speaker would actually say. Real people say, "Mehak bought a yellow dress".

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    6 months ago

    I don't happen to see any pronoun in your sentence. 




    My sources tell me it's a relative pronoun.

    I was thinking it was a preposition.

    I'd better stay out of the wordplay category, because I don't know enough to play!

    Subject pronoun, object pronoun, possessive adjective, possessive pronoun, reflexive pronoun 

    1. I, me, my, mine, myself 

    2. Thou, thee, thy, thine, thyself 

    3m. He, him, his, his, himself 

    3f. She, her, her, hers, herself 

    3n. It, it, its, --, itself 

    1pl.We, us, our, ours, ourselves 

    2pl. You, you, your, yours, yourselves 

    3pl. They, them, their, theirs, themselves 

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