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What do you call someone who thinks you just get one life and thats it?

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    Call him a Realist

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    Sceptic or irrational sceptic, empiricist.

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    someone who believes too much in what limited minded humans tell them!

  • Liz
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    Well this life is all we have. However, true Christians believe a much better life will come soon! We can be sure of that because the Bible says that many bad things would happen on earth just before Paradise was to usher in a better life. Those bad things are happening now. (Psalms 37:10,11; Revelation 21:4)

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  • 4 weeks ago

    Reasonable, or something like that.

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  • That is the non-manic conclusion. Hope is a dangerous emotion which causes all manner of wild behaviour. We must not indulge it recklessly. 

    The sober account of reality is that we are biological machines with an activity called mind and mentality. We are not just parts of nature, we are nature. Nature is active in us. This nature has no disposition of a godly kind, it is a zen like being which seeks nothingness, not to be anything. 

    Everything we are serves some purpose in the instrumentality of nature. What we are arose out of chemical processes. That purpose is pure and passionless. 

    The hope I offer I believe is sober. Yes we will come again. There is a truth that is us and when that truth is invoked we will exist. We exist in many times, places and universes. And we merge into a spectrum of truths of various similarity and dissimilarity, and together it form a possibility space. Reality itself is like an organism moving through that space. But that space is potential space, the reality determines its own direction and the possibility space limits where it can go. 

    When we die, this life ends. We end. But we will rise again but new and fresh and disjointed from other instances. 

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    WRONG FORUM. Not related to philosophy. Question reported.


    Go ask in the WORDS & WORDPLAY  forum in the Education & Reference category. That's what a logical and intelligent person would have done.  

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    close minded.......

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