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What is the best home foundation against possible flooding in rainy area? ?

Please share your knowledge and ideas. Thanks and stay safe.

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    Depends on the sort of inundation you are expecting. Some sort of substantial piled found would be my choice. That way you can bear off strata unaffected by ground water conditions and raise the construction high enough to create adequate resilience. But you are not going to withstand a lot of waterborne debris.

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    Hawaii?  this is a BAD area. I would not even want to bother with it for it will always be bad.  Build an arc. Then you got to get the animals and that is going to be a real zoo.

    It's party time.

    Best foundation is a MOUNTAIN.

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    houses in coastal areas here are build on pilings.  all plumbing and electrical is minimum of 10 feet above mean high tide

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    One of those water-tower things. You know, you see them in films and TV all the time. Yes. Just build your house on top of one of those.

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    One out of the flood zone! Entire houses can be lifted off the foundation and swept down the river. I have seen homes build on pilings have the pilings destroyed by flood debris.

    If it is just water in the basement, then having a sump pump with an electrical back up might deal with most seasons.

    So at least a crawl space where a sump can be installed.

    But if you build in the flood plain plan on getting wet.

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