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How can I help my sister lose weight?

My sister is obese, has a few medical problems that are worsened by that, and expressed to me that she wants my help in her losing weight. I used to be very overweight (though not to her extent) and I lost a lot of weight. I'm glad that she's wanting to do this for her health, but the problem is is that she's a very difficult person.

 I have a few medical conditions myself so I have to watch what I eat and I've been trying to eat healthier but for some reason she takes this as a personal offence. Knowing about my health, she keeps wanting to get junk food with me and whenever I turn her down, she becomes very annoyed. I have hypoglycemia so I have to eat small carb snacks throughout the day in order to function but I try to make them healthier, whole wheat carbs but she keeps trying to get me to eat candy and other junk. Recently we were on a road trip together and we had to get fast food and when I said that I only wanted a chicken sandwich she got really angry and kept trying to get me to order a bunch of stuff. It's sad that she finds my health to be an annoyance. On top of that, whenever she asks for my opinion on food and what she should eat she always gets frustrated by all of the options and ends up getting whatever she wants anyway. She told me she still eats a lot of sugar and very late at night as well. I know if I say something about this to her, she will blow up on me and not listen to anything I say. Even our mother asked me to help her but what can I do?


On top of this, I know she's going to blame me if she's not successful in her weight loss but I don't know how to help her if she's not wanting to help herself.

Update 2:

@Pearl oh trust me I've tried. She has no interest.

Update 3:

@garry If you had actually read the question before commenting, you would have known that she was the one who came to me for help and I only give her my opinion when she asks for it. If anything my "nagging" would be me asking if she wants to do yoga with me every once in a while. If anything, she's the one who keeps nagging me to eat unhealthy for whatever reason. Either you're a moron or a troll lol.

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    It seems like she's taking out her frustration on you every time you remind her she could be making better choices for herself. Try to get her to make those choices instead of making them for her. For instance, instead of suggesting she gets the healthy option right off the bat, try asking her what she would rather have, giving her a chance to prove herself. This might not work the moment you implement it, but if she really wants to lose weight, she can't just depend on you. She has to take some responsiblity. You can be there as an example and you can congratulate her when she progresses or makes good choices, but ultimately those choices have to be hers or she might feel like you're pushing her.

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    how stop nagging her and if she really wants to lose weight good on her , leave her alone and stop whinging.

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    Basic lesson on weight loss.  You need to cut and or exercise, 500 calories, less than your normal daily intake.  Meaning you should write down everything you eat for 2 weeks, including drinking.  Once you get an average daily calorie count per day.  Than you cut 200-300 calories.  Cutting out soda's, or limit it to 2 cans of soda a week.  You should walk or run 2 miles a day.  That will equal 200-300 calories.  Running you lose 100 calories more for the same 2 miles. Bread is a big killer of weight loss.  cutting to low carb bread can cut 50 a day.  Walking with your sister can help you both stay in shape and maybe lose a little more weight.  Note: the reason to know your daily caolie count, and only cut 500 combined with exercise, because yours and everyone's  body want wants to stay at your average daily weight.  It can handle cutting 300 calories a day, and exercises 200-300 calories, anymore and your body will think it is starving and slow down your fat burning Metabolic rate.  After 500 calories combined with exercise, is a fair amount to lose, while keeping your metabolic rate the same. any more, and every 2 calories you cut or think you are losing, your body will only burn 1.  Good luck.

  • 4 weeks ago are asking for my help...exactly WHAT steps do you want me to take to help you? This will set boundaries as to what you actually have "permission" to say, do or act.

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    Start 30 "Dund Bethak" per day. No dieting required during with exercise. You can loose weight fast. That is a part of Hindu Yogashan. Start is and see result after 30 days.

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    Don`t know if this would help, but obese people are likelier to die from covid than others. Learning this fact, made me start exercising every day (so far have lost 10 pounds) when nothing else had motivated me ! However your sister`s case sounds tough though ... she doesn`t seem very convinced to loose weight. 

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    no one can help her until she decides to help herself, Just let her know you are there for her and will help in any way you can

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    Don't let her envy of your success undermine your good work.  

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    just do stuff like invite her to go jogging with you, etc.,

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    It doesn't seem like she wants your help. You can't help a person by advice while he doesn't want to listen or comprehend you. You need to set strict borders. 1. To defend yourself and have the right to eat what you consider to be good for you. 2. To save the value of your advice. If a person asks for your opinion only to critique your answer it calls "double message". You need to avoid that sort of manipulation. Simply reply her "what's the point to say my opinion if you never listen to it or even become offended?".

    *To defend yourself doesn't meat to be rude, aggressive, or raise your voice. It's just mean defy provocations. 

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