Siddhant asked in TravelAir Travel · 3 months ago

Can an airplane with simplest video game controls be made?

I played some flight simulators. i wanted to make an airplane. i found simple gaame controls such as throttle, air spoilers, doors and yoke. and i thought that its engines could be made electric using poweful electric motors. can this type of plane be possible to be made?

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  • 3 months ago

    Already been done... its called an RC plane.

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    If you want to make one out of scratch for a personal project, then more power to you. :-)

  • 3 months ago

    Yes. Absolutely. Planes can actually fly themselves so they could create a very minimal interface with just the thrust, ascend/decend, left/right.  A few buttons for landing gear and navigational lights.  However... if anything goes wrong up in the air, it's good to actually know how to fly 

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