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What to do for very very damaged hair?

I have very damaged hair -- I was recently in Colorado and maybe the dryness messed with it? I'm a teenager and I have hair that does down to about my mid-back and is VERY thick. I've had trouble with it my whole life. Now I have this mass of tightly matted hair that's so big I can't even stick my finger through it. Every time I turn my head it hurts the back of my neck and it's literally weighing my head down, it's that big. What is something I can use? I have to get rid of it by today!!


PS I'm not black. I'm white and just have really thick brown hair.

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    Matts like that happen because you haven't been combing and caring for your hair enough. Right now you have two choices: one quick and easy and the other will take a couple hours of time. 

    Quick and easy: get a pair of scissors. Cut the matted and knotted hair out. Go to a salon and get what's left styled into something you can easily care for. After the cut use conditioner every time you wash and don't be afraid of leave-in products to help keep your hair comb-able and smooth. Use a wide-toothed comb more and a brush less. Brushes tend to make curly hair frizzy and dry.

    Option two is to start picking apart the knots manually. Get in there with your fingers and start separating the knots. You can soak your hair in olive, coconut or any oil to help aid in smoothing the hair to make unknotting easier. You will still need to cut some badly knotted areas out. This will take at least an hour. Some knots will need to be cut out, sorry, there's no way around it. After picking and cutting out the worst of the knots wash the oil out and use a good leave in conditioner and gently comb your hair. And promise yourself to comb your hair once a day, use a smoothing  shampoo and conditioner for frizzy hair and a leave in product that makes combing thick hair easier. 

    When you are outdoors or active wear a ponytail to keep hair from getting windblown and tangled. Spritz in a leave in conditioner before tying your ponytail to protect your hair when its in a tail. Comb your hair after taking out the tail. 

    Long curly hair requires work. If you aren't going to put in the work get a shorter easier to manage style.  ,A good haircut can thin out the bulk to emphasize the curls and make it look bouncy and sassy rather than dry and frizzy.

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