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Does it matter what time of day I eat protein after a work out?

My stomach hurts when I eat food immediately after a work out. Will my muscles still repair the same way if I eat protein 60 minutes after a workout vs earlier than that ?

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    When you work out your body moves blood supply to muscles, if you eat after your body nay just be not be able to adapt fast enough, theres no harm in waiting a little before eating.  Some older  fitness guides or those based on outdated idea may say eat protein within a certain time but in general within the next day is generally fine.  If you have issues eating after exercise wait till later and see what works for you.

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    dunno why you hurt, so stop're gonna have to experiment a bit to figure it all out. just drink a bit of water , not soda, to rehydrate yourself. then maybe drink some plain kefir, in the refrigerated section, then maybe try to eat a little....see what happens, then go from there, that's all you can do.

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