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How common is it for people to hire and exterior designer? To remodel the from of their house? UK?

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    Vanishlying rare.  Oh, it's happened in the history of ever, but it's so, so rare.  I regularly drive past a house that was featured in a design magazine. It's actually quite pedestrian.  The only reason it was featured is because redesigning the facade to that extent is novel. If you see an exterior redesign 99% of the time it's an afterthought originating with interior rennovations and will have been designed by the same architect.  The British way is to prefer architectural cohesion.  People don't want a "different" looking house on their street unless it's older than theirs.  They will write strong letters to object to changes even pre-emptively sometimes as soon as clients start talking about rennovations.

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    Well, the first thing you need to do is drive around with your camera and take photos of houses you like.  If you did hire somebody, you will have to point them in a direction.  Your next problem will be to determine the quality of materials and construction you want.  In the UK there might be a lot of variation in that, and preservation, and permits.  That would require someone with the knowledge.  It could come in 2 forms, either a designer who works for you, or a really good contractor who will work with you.  Your best bet is the good contractor who will work with you because it includes the designer aspect.  In fact, the contractor may have a designer to handle this situation, and he has sufficient work to keep everyone employed.  That would be the person who would probably give you the best work.

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    very unusual a builder for over 50 years ..and well past 6.000 contracts ..never come across it ..think the main problem is you normally cant alter its appearance without planning ..

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