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Can I buy a shed and convert it to a house?   ?

Like the wood sheds at home depot?   

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    Best metal garage sheds from

  • 2 weeks ago

    Probably not. But you can buy a shed on a property, and then put a mobile home on it. Or a camper. ACTUALLY originally I was looking at buying a real old piece of sh!t farm house (severely neglected) and just put a mobile home or a RV on it because it already would have hydro, gas and water. See? Once the property is yours you can live there providing the town doesnt have laws saying mobile homes cant be more than 20 years old. I recently found my town now has a by law saying RV's can only be on your property for 48 hours. Thats new. I think its because allot of people are looking for options o n where to live. I ended up shopping for a house I could afford for a whole year in small towns that had a few stores, to make it do-able. Hardware store, food store etc. I did finally find one. Relatives that know me, freaked right out when they found out how little I paid. Its dry, its warm and past that, its just WAY better than anywhere I have had to live in, about ten years. Grab a real estate agent to explain the laws for DISCLOSURE. One agent will not represent you in numerous towns, especially for cheap properties . YOu will learn more with every place you go see. *wishing  you  luck* stay away from ALL foreclosures. Everybody leaves the water running. You cant get rid of mold EVER, and it CAN kill you (lungs and heart)

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    3 weeks ago

    Unless you want to finish up like Edwina Crane you do need a dwelling house to meet a certain level of fire resistance which most creosoted sheds won't achieve. Planning rules and City codes forbid 'beds in sheds'

  • 3 weeks ago

    In my Town there is a minimum square footage that is required to be considered a "house".  There is actually a local company that makes tiny houses, but they can not sell them here.

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  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    In practical terms, yes you can.  In legal terms it depends on whether that particular shed can be made to fit local codes.  You'll need to do some research for where you want to put the shed.  FYI sometimes it's cheaper to build from scratch than to try to adapt something.

  • gerald
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    4 weeks ago

    Its America people live in tents on the streets eveywhere it the new luxury status money can bring living in the fresh air well not down wind 

  • John
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    4 weeks ago

    The shed has to be attached to the house like an extension of the house. Do you have a Prodigal Son?

  • 4 weeks ago

    Building codes determine habitability. All codes are handled by each city or town codes , you would have to search this out.

  • Scott
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    4 weeks ago

    Just order the shed from Home Depot and get an electrician and plumber to do the work for you.

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