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I never grew up with love from my parents ?

My parents were emotionally physically mentally verbally abusive I caused a lot of temper tantrums because I couldn’t get love from my parents my brother would slap me belittle me and yell at me my sister would call me a stupid ugly ***** and laugh about me with her friends I cause a lot of temper tantrums because I couldn’t get unconditional love from them I was the scapegoat to my parents my husband told me that I need anger management and I also need counseling but I refuse to take it I am going crazy because I was never loved as a child

Is it ok for throwing toddler temper tantrums for not being loved as a child 


I even make scenes at my parents whenever we go to a family events for not loving me 

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    Honestly, what is it that you think random strangers can do for you over the internet?  All anyone can do is recommend treatments and your husband already did that for you.  Stop resisting like a baby.  You need therapy just as you mentioned here.  Stop blaming everything on a bad childhood.  That is your past.  Once you hit adult status you learn to cope using different life skills or you stay stuck in the same rut (which clearly isn't working for you).  Since you already know you are acting childish, its time to pull on your big girl panties to move in a more positive direction.  Seeking out professional mental health support IRL is your only alternative. Do it.

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