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My mother is still bitter about her childhood ?

My mother had a difficult past her parents were abusive and her parents treated her like a scapegoat to her and her siblings were her parents golden children my mother is the most bitter individual person on the planet she still acts like her childhood was yesterday she even tried to turn my sister my dad and I against them saying that my grandparents love my cousins more than me not true my maternal grandparents changed their ways and apologize to my mother but she is still bitter whenever we had a family event my mother would forget to invite her parents to family events she would also break down and cry about her parents not loving her she creates a scene whenever her parents are invited to family events last year her dad died and she didn’t even go to the funeral and 3 years ago I was getting married and my mom told me that her mother wasn’t invited to my wedding I invited my grandmother to my wedding and my mom threw the biggest fit and I got so pissed and said that she ruined my day and said “YOU KNOW WHY GRANDMA AND GRANDPA NEVER LOVED YOU AND FAVORED YOUR SIBLINGS OVER YOU BECAUSE YOU ARE A SELFISH EVIL B*ITCH

 GET OVER YOURSELF” I cut my mom out of my life after that I haven’t spoken to her ever since I suggested my sister to cut her out of her life as well she drove all her family and friends away with her crap I asked my mil husbands mom about this and she told me that my mom needs to grow up and move on and I agree 

What do you all think of this 


She would also create a scene whenever her parents were invited to family events 

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    Dwelling in the past is a mental illness in your mom's case because she is needlessly carrying her hatreds into the future and blaming her own failings on others who interacted with her in the past.  A counselor or psychologist is needed.

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