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Why wont my colleague ask me to hang out, all he does is mention getting drinks one time or partying even tho i said im not into either?

Is he stupid? Honestly. Who wants to invite a teetoaler who said they dont party and dont want to... To party and drink?

I like him as a friend

Also Does my colleague want fornication or likes me as a friend? ?

He seems jealous when i talk high about another guy. He also despite being the most outgoing popular guy, seems to get nervous around me randomly at times. Also qe love being around each other and talking all the time 😂

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  • John
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    4 weeks ago

    That is called a secret business meeting. Get used to it. Ask the waiter for non-alcohol beer. As for partying, learn how to square dance.

  • Go to the party and don't  drink. My sister never touched a drink k in her life but always manages to be the life of the party. As far as your relationship with you're colleague,  if you like him go for it. You are probably hot as fk and he is nervous. Make the first move.

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