How to fix a faucet or stool that makes noises when turned on and flushed?

All of a sudden when I flush the stool and turn the faucet on at the same time it makes a humming noise.  If I flush first and then turn the faucet on I don't hear a loud humming sound. First I cleaned an my aerator and filters because they was filthy.  I did replace aerator and filter in the bathroom that is making the noise.  I thought that would do the trick, but I heard the noise again.  What is wrong with my stool or faucet.  I hear the noise coming from my stool not my faucet. I don't want to call a plumber because they can be quite expensive.  

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    Try tightening the nut holding the faucet under the sink and tightening the nut holding the filler valve under the toilet tank.

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