My long distance gf Is ignoring my text. She don't talk even if she is online. What should I do?

Ok so it's been 3 to 4 month we been in relationship. She had followed me on instagram and msg me first. She was so excited and she even ask me to be her bf. Now long story short, after sometime she started to ignoring me. I text her on what's app and msg stay delivered. She stopped seeing my text even tho her last seen was after my msg. So I got hurt. So after this,I called her and we had argument and she said "my time is not only for you I have job to handle". So I said "ok sry if you are busy". Again long story short, things got worse. She leave my text on seen. And never replied. With same excuse "I'm busy" even in her free time she never text. I called her and cried and apologies like thousand time. And now, I didn't text her, it's night time, she was online a hour ago. Now tell me what should I do?

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  • 2 months ago

    Move on with your life and only answer if she sends a text or calls.  Really that is all that you can do.  You seem clingy, and that is not good when someone has a job.  So you can't keep doing that because her supervisors will not approve and possibly fire her if she is texting while doing her job.  so Just let it go.  You have a life, start living it.  When she is ready she will contact you then you go back to normal, but you can not keep bothering her at work.  From what you wrote, you seem to be stalking her.  She is on liine but does not answer.  Stop this, get a back bone and continue on with your life.  And if someone local catches your eye, try dating her.  This long distance thing is not for you.

  • Ana
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    2 months ago


    Let me just speak some truth to you. The only reason you would enter a long distance relationship, is if deep down you know that you currently can’t get a relationship in person.

    But long-distance relationships are a joke. You don’t get sex, you don’t get love, you don’t get intimacy, you don’t get to get her pregnant, have babies and build a family, you don’t get her to suck your c*ock, you don’t get her to meet your family or friends, you don’t get anything that a man actually needs to feel satisfied or confident or happy.

    Long distance relationships only selfishly benefit the woman. She can use you for attention, without having to give you any sex or anything in return... and then she can dump you, without even so much as an explanation, as soon as a guy comes along in person that she wants to date/kiss/f*uck. Which is what happened here. She left you for a man that she’s actually fuc*king.

    You need to figure out why you’re not able to get an in person relationship. Maybe you are, maybe your approach is just bad, or you are not using the right apps (I recommend TINDER and BUMBLE dating apps). Maybe you’re too fat? (Go to the gym 3x a week and get fit.) Maybe you’re broke? (Watch some Graham Stephan YouTube videos, learn how to make more money.)  Maybe you’re financially successful, but just too short? (ok so get leg lengthening surgery.) Maybe you lack game/confidence/dating skills? (Read The PUA books “revelations” and “the mystery method”, by mystery and lovedrop. Read magic bullets. Watch the “PUA revelations” YouTube series. Get game.) 

    Whatever your personal flaws are, get them fixed, get some good photos of you with hot babes for “Preselection value” (the PUA book will tell you what Preselection is), pay a hot girl $20 for pics with them if necessary lol, and then download Tinder and Bumble 

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