What would you do or say if...?

Your best friend of 35 years cleaned out your jewelry box?

I am 72 years old.  I was sitting in front of two other people when I realized I had nothing left!  I was devastated!!!

I know "Things" are not the best things in life and, I appreciate my blessings but come on, this was my booty for my daughters.  It was all I personally had to give them when I died.

She is dying of cancer and she has the attitude; What the fck do I care?  I knew she felt this way but, I 'trusted' her to watch over our home when we were away.  I never would have believed in a million years, she would be so insensitive as  to do this to me.

It's gone and I cannot bring it back.  I cannot/will not make her confess to this because, she doesn't care anymore.  Bringing her to her knees ain't gonna help anyone.  She would 'come clean' and I know, it would be devastating for her to do this. 

I could not even bring charges against her if I could - she has nothing!

I know this is a harsh lesson to me - and it isn't: "I cannot trust anyone!"  The lesson I must learn is; be thankful for the Blessings I have been given. This does not in any way include; "Things"!  Let it go!  :D


Yet - it is she who is teaching me; 'how' to let go!

Update 2:

These are 'invaluable' lessons we all must learn from.  For her - it was "Trust".  She needed to feel someone would trust her to a fault and, she had little time to get this.  We all have a journey in this life with our own unique Truth to carry us through - regardless how much it hurts to 'get over it' and, go forward.  I am learning as I speak.  Thank you Yahoo! for allowing me to share this "OVERCOMING" before the world!  This is overwhelming to me!!!

Update 3:

And I think, this experience could be so much worse if,  my own Karma was backfiring!  I am Thankful!  :D

Update 4:

I feel now after discerning this experience, that she knew she was dying and sub-consciously removed herself from my life by doing something that  should not have forgiven.  However, I don't judge anyone for anything they do.  I texted her and told her I forgave her, loved and wished her the best and that I would miss her greatly in my life.  :D

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  • Jesere
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    3 months ago

    You sound like  Troll

  • 3 months ago

    you cant take it with you

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