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Is training with weights to prepare for boot camp compared to calisthenics?

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    3 months ago

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    3 months ago

    Basically the answer to weight training in preparation for military basic training is NO. You need to concentrate on running -- getting up to two miles runs, three times a week. The additional training to go along with running is various calisthenics to limber you up, note the word various. Push ups, sit ups, whatever is recommended by military sources.

  • 3 months ago

    depends on what your MOS is gonna be, some need strength in certain areas, 

    but in basic, you need the calisthenics and running.

    if you wanna lift weights, focus on the large muscle groups, like squats, military press and back exercises

  • 3 months ago

    Sorry that was a complete typo. My question was is weight training compared to calisthenics a good way to prepare for boot camp?

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