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Can someone explain this to me?

I just met a friend and she’s adopted. She lives with her step mom and dad and step siblings but she’s also in contact with her biological mom. Her mom lives in a different city but same state and it don’t seem like that’s an issue for the adoptive parents. Is this common? This is the first time I met someone who’s adoptive parents get along with the biological parents. How is that even possible? I feel like her adoptive parents and biological parents must have known each other you know like maybe they’re related to each other. I heard some stories about a child being adopted by a relative or a close friend. I was just curious.

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    Open adoption in which the adoptee maintains contact with his or her original family is not uncommon.

    Source(s): Adoptee and Adoptive Mom.
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    There are PACCA's, fictive relative placements and close relative adoptions. Look up the words you don't know.

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    Families come in all types. It is normal for one person to have a step-parent and step-siblings.  That just means her adopted parent married someone making them a step-parent. 

    It is also normal for those who are adopted to be in contact with a biological parent, biological sibling, and other extended families. 

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