Games played on external hardrive WD element keep having random stutter?

I play a lot of games on my gaming laptop mainly using an external hardrive because i don't have a lot of storage. It works wonderfully and the games have zero problems running on it, however after a short while maybe every few months(i have had a few different types) the games i play start to have a random pause or stutter every 5-8 seconds no matter the settings. Wouldn't call it lag and it doesn't seem to be connected to my computer and definitely not the settings because even on its lowest it still happens. I already replaced and tried new wires and i try not to leave it on for long periods so it seems to the external hardrive itself and i can't figure out the cause. Every now and then it goes back to normal and i can play for hours no problem but then randomly it will start pausing the same amount of seconds each time usually after i turn it back on. Any solutions would be appreciated! 

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  • 2 months ago
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    Have you try defragmenting the hard drive so that all the file data 

    from the same game are closer to each other. If you haven’t defrag in a long time, the game files could be everywhere so the computer needs to search for those files. If they’re close to each other, the computer doesn’t need to travel far to retrieve the data. 

    You should have half the hard drive empty so that there’s plenty of room to write new data and still have room for the old data. 

    Try switching to a solid state drive. 

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