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Do you Really think COVID 19 is a Pandemic? And why does YAHOO prevent me from asking?

Just google COVID deaths USA. Then take 4,190,000 Covid Confirmed cases, divide by 325,000,000 = about 1.2% chance of you getting COVID... means 98.8% chance you won’t get Covid... NEXT... Take 148,000 Covid deaths and divide into the 4,190,000 Covid confirmed cases and you get = 3% chance you will die, means you will live 97% of the time!

So 98.8% chance you WON’T get COVID!

And if you did somehow get it, 97% you will live!

And if you are young and healthy... wait for it! You have a statistical 100% chance you will live!!! 

You have more chance of getting Cancer, or cardiac arrest!  

Wake up people! 

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    1. That's the number of cases SO FAR.  So it would mean a 1.2% chance that you're already gotten it, and a 98.8% that you haven't yet.  It doesn't mean that's the chance of getting it later or that you won't get it.

    2. Also, it's only the confirmed cases.  By some estimates, the unconfirmed cases could be much higher.

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    So far 4,000,000 people in the USA have been infected by it.   So far 144,000 have died.   That is about a 3.5% fatality rate.

    Assuming we continue to NOT social distance and NOT wear masks and continue to act like idiots then easily half of the USA will get it.   That would be about 160,000,000 people.   With a 3.5% fatality rate that is about 5,600,0000 dead.   And that is just dead,  it does not take into account those who take months to recover if they ever do.    But hay,  it is all fake and we should not worry,  we can afford to have five million dead,  after all, it is mostly old people anyway.   (Sarcasm in case you are too young to catch it.) 

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    You're right. As experts have said all along, if we do nothing, about 1,200,000 people will die. That's not many in a country of 300,000,000 and only 100x as many as people who are murdered or 2x as many as people who die of cancer or heart disease. I guess the states should stop doing something about coronavirus?

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    @ Hungry Joe??  As you are a Sleepy Biden Supporter?  

    Ok so you say Vodka??   Did you run out of Pot??  Lmao...

    Stick with rioting!  Go back to sleep . 

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    By your logic, vodka is 60% alcohol free so you can drink a couple of litres and drive home without risking being convicted of DUI.

    You appear to know even less about statistics (10%) than your average (50%) moron!

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    It was, but it isn't anymore

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