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How much will card shops buy PSA graded Pokémon cards?

I’m looking to sell my PSA 9s and 10s graded Pokémon cards to my local card and comic shops. Any idea how much they’ll give. Like will they give half price on the value of the card?

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  • 2 months ago

    Many stores that buy cards (or old video games or whatnot) tend to only give you around 50% of it's generally quoted value as they have to consider how much they can sell it for a profit (generally at the quoted value), as they have to cover their expenses (rent, utilities, staff wages, ect.) while they wait for a potential buyer.

    A store MIGHT give you more in terms of store credit (potentially up to 75% of the card's value) as it actually cuts down their expenses (since they purchase items at wholesale prices & sell them at MSRP... hence why they can award you more)... but it depends on what you're planning on doing with the funds from the sale.

    It's possible that a store may decline to purchase your cards as they may have excess inventory OR their known clientele doesn't appear to be interested in such collectables, making it difficult to sell.

  • 2 months ago

    The shops will pay you half as much as they’re worth or less, they’ll say they don’t sell well or they have to make money or it’s tough right now. There’s a chance they’ll reject you completely if they think it’ll be a long time til they can actually sell it. You’d be better off selling on eBay or a card site. 

  • 2 months ago

    use the internet...f the card wish..the card shops will pay you 20-25%

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