Cities: Skylines?


i am thinking about getting the game on some nice discount day but before that occurs i must plan ahead.

I have looked through the game offering on steam but boy are there alot of DLCs.

My intent is to play it as sortof sandbox city builder with some public transport (trams are available i saw that in many ppl playing).

I would like to ask what YOU (hopefully experienced player in the game) recommend as DLCs i must get.

I would love to get art deco but thats not going to provide me with anything so my assumption is mass transit, parks and industries? I would like your insight as to why would you suggest the ones you do as opposed to spartan list - i am not certain what i am interested in afterall.

My limit is peculiar (owing to source reseller limits) total limit of 5 items (including the game itself so 4 DLCs).

I am avid TTdL and OpenTTD player (hence the public transport interest), but never gotten into things like SimCity. tho i suspect i could be able to just download existing cities. My interest in the game is mostly about connecting than constructing parts of town.


apparently tams and trolleybuses are split from mass transit .(

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