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How do you cope with regret?

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    Make amends if they need to be made, even if it’s been too long or it’s terrifying. If an apology needs to be made then make it. And then either way, whether or not an apology needs to be made, the most important thing is that you have to have compassion for yourself, for whatever state you were in for the thing you regret. You have to look at the situation as if it was someone you love. Would they deserve forgiveness? We are always changing and learning. Life would not be worthwhile if no one made mistakes. A perfect life is a flawed ideal. You have to accept the situation for what it was, have compassion for the “you” in the past, and know that now you know. For the next time. For the next person who needs advice. Once you are able to have compassion for your past self and forgive yourself, you can accept that you are no longer that person. You are always changing and learning. And it’s time to move forward. Take the next chance, do it better next time, whatever it is, move forward knowing you are always doing the best you can with the knowledge and experience you have. Always. If you could have done better at the time, you would have. 

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    Realise God has you and doesn't begin until you know Him and the power of Jesus' resurrection. John 3.16

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    I have no regrets just life lessons 

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