They asked me if I believe in God and I said no, but I felt bad to say it. Is this bad for me and if I am sorry, does God forgive me?

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  • Cheryl
    Lv 4
    4 months ago

     If you really don’t believe in God maybe it’s because you haven’t developed a relationship with him.A good place to start is reading his word the Bible.The website has a free online Bible study program.Why not check it out.

  • 4 months ago

    That guilt you feel is not a coincidence - is has been programmed into you through indoctrination.

    Fear and guilt are the #1 tools religion employs to keep people in line.

  • Anonymous
    4 months ago

    If you are truly sorry and repent God will forgive you.

    (If you can, find the people and tell them you believe in God. )

  • 4 months ago

    God forgave you 2000 years ago when He gave His son Jesus as a perfect sacrifice, All you have to do is accept the gift.

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  • 4 months ago

    Yes for sure , even when you start thinking like this it is one of the good deed . You feel so bad because your subconscious remind you that  you have soul and spirit being created in you to know GOD and praise HIM of HIS Kindness and Beneficent to you and ready to forgive you , when you ask for it.

  • Anonymous
    4 months ago

    If God doesn't exist, God doesn't forgive you.  If God does exist, he either will or won't forgive you.  In general, God doesn't answer or hear prayers.

  • Kin
    Lv 6
    4 months ago

    Edit: Ignore users like Tardis, he or she is very ignorant and knows nothing about God. And lied about God. God does forgive people, loves to forgive and pardon and always listens and always responds to people's supplications as much as when His creatures are also supplicating to Him. God doesn't neglect or not inattentive and doesn't ignore anyone, not even His creatures.

    You're entitled to what you believe in. My Lord doesn't force anyone to believe in Him, and doesn't force anyone to practice His faith either. He knows what's inside your heart. He knows if there is faith in you or not and what kind of heart you have. Is it bad for you? I think it is because you don't have a connection or a bond with your Creator and don't have a belief system in God in your own Creator. Also, there are amazing benefits that you don't have currently or missing out for not being a believer but that's between you and God.

    YES, if you genuinely apologize to God. God LOVES to forgive and He loves to pardon people. You make God happy if you seek forgiveness and even just supplicating to God alone, makes God happy and will mention your name to His angels. Even if you make supplication just once or for the first time, God is always ready to listen to your supplication and will respond to you.

    If you take one step towards God, God will take 10 towards you even if you disbelieve or not sure about God. There are couple of amazing videos you should definitely watch, what God says to those who disbelieve in Him and what is His attitude towards such people and the second video, is even more interesting. I wish I could post it in the comments for you to click, unfortunately, can't at the moment.

    Type in youtube: A message from Allah to mankind Abdelhamid Kishk.

    Please ignore the background noises, ignorant people put in there to annoy listeners.

    For the second link type in youtube: Never Give Up Hope in God {Ask Him and nag Him in your asking}

    One more link you should definitely also watch called: Allah Is The Light, by Merciful Servant.

    Its possible that you might become a believer in God one day, God knows and He guides whomever He pleases and whomever genuinely seeking guidance from Him. God Almighty encourages you to ask Him for guidance and more, God wants you to do that.

    God knows you're a disbeliever yet He still gives you sustenance because He is your Creator, Provider, and my Lord Allah still loves you.

    Even though you disbelieve, God is still good to you and hasn't caused your heart to stop simply because you disbelieve. God is good, and good to His servants more than anyone. I could share another video that fits perfectly to what I just said here to show you just how I mean when I say God is good. Although, let me know if you want to see that short video. All of the videos I've just recommended are short somehow.

    If I wanted to share one more helpful video I would have posted in the comments or later if I could.

  • Anonymous
    4 months ago

    If there were a god that exists this god would know how to make you a believer but if such a god chooses not to why should you feel bad? Obviously such god is not concerned about you being a believer. You cannot hold yourself responsible for not knowing what has not ever revealed itself to you.

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