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Is it better for China to be targeted by big powers than ignored by them?

I have some strange ideas.We can see that Huawei is banned everywhere, but no Huawei in China could be banned 20 years ago.And only a few countries have banned Huawei.Among the world's top 500 enterprises in 2019, 129 enterprises in China exceed 121 in the United States.We say that China's investment in Africa is a debt trap and new colonialism, but it seems that no country but China has helped Africa build infrastructure.We can often see the media criticizing China, but 20 years ago, few people in the world mentioned China.Now China is criticized by many countries, but no country dares to use violence. The Chinese embassy has been bombed before.Hong Kong's national security law has been opposed everywhere, but it has been implemented smoothly.China seems to be stronger when it is targeted by big powers than when it is ignored by big powers.

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  • martin
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    2 months ago

    There is a powerful prejudice against the Chinese government, and against Chinese people themselves.  It's a culture-clash only, however.  The racial prejudice is nonsense.

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