If Andrew Lincoln's Rick Grimes was still around during The Whisperers' existence in AMCs' Walking Dead, how would that play out?

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    2 months ago
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    I haven't been paying close attention to the show since he left, but it seems like it would be similar.  In the comics, Rick is still at Alexandria.  And the Whisperers War seems to be largely similar in the broad strokes.  They encounter and piss off the Whisperer who kidnap a bunch of people at the fair and post their heads on spikes as a warning (in the comics it's a different roster of dead though, including Ezekiel).  Then after some time trying to avoid conflict they end up at war and the Whisperers unleash a massive horde of walkers at the Hilltop.  So Rick being there probably wouldn't have changed stuff a whole lot. Aside from the different cast of characters (Carol is long dead in the book, Andrea if alive and Daryl doesn't even exist) the big differences are a more developed background for Alpha.  In the comic we don't see any of that flashback of her and how she became Alpha.  IIRC the show also sets up some more division between her and Beta as he questions her leadership a bit.  In the comics he is completely loyal to Alpha.  In the comics he's also revealed to have been a well known NBA player prior to the apocalypse. 

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    Would be more of the same stuff from him, good acting.

    The character was meant to still be in the show at this point in the comic book series, heard they plan to make a few spinoff walking dead movies.

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