How do you know which "episode" to choose when watching a choose your own adventure show/movie like black mirror? ?

I do know that there's 3 story lines for black mirror (national anthem, fifteen million merits and the entire history of you) but I I can't seem to figure out the fifteen million merits story line. I know for sure the ones that follow national anthem are fairly political like Waldo moment and hated in the nation. As for the entire history of you storyline you can tell because they have the brain chip things like in white Christmas, be right back and men against fire...I think. To that logic, white bear, shut up and dance and play test would be the fifteen million merits storyline. This is just the first 3 "seasons" BTW. Black mirror is a fun show, but I'd really appreciate some help on the right "episode" selections. The storylines I'm enjoying the most so far are fifteen million merits and the entire history of you. The national anthem one is kinda dry...then again I've never really liked politics anyway. 


It would probably be easier if the subsequencial episodes shared characters, but not many do. In black mirror for example, apparently Miley Cyrus is in 3 episodes. Not sure if she plays the same character or if each episode is in the same "storyline" though, haven't gotten that far. I'm sure there have been many people who have watched black mirror or some other choose your own adventure show, so pretty please help. As I mentioned, I especially want to know the fifteen million merits line-up 

Update 2:

To my understanding as I said in my original question the national anthem storyline is mostly political. Its subsequent episodes could be Waldo moment, nose dive, hated in the nation, etc. Merits may be white bear, playtest, arkangel and striking viper. Entire history seems like the longest. Please at least correct me if I am wrong. Black Mirror is a great show, and I really want to know the correct order to watch it

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