MSI Z87 motherboard will not boot up anymore?

After my cousin's death, I got his 4 year old desktop by Corsair.  It was very slow starting, shutting down with Win7 Home (not updated since 11/2017).  256GB SSD for OS, 1TB for data, CX600 PSU by Corsair.  2x8GB Gskill Sniper strips for RAM, and Intel i7-7740K not overclocked.  No video card, was always the board's HDMI to the monitor's DVI-D.  Also, any desktop icons clicked did nothing at all except turning blue circle.  Had to use Task Manager to get out of that.

The liquid cooler was running, seemed okay.  But I took it off, found the heatsink goo dried, crusty, with gap in center of the CPU surface.  I replaced with a stock fan heatsink and new Arctic Silver #5 goo. On power up, I went to BIOS and checked the CPU temp--it stabilized at 47*C.  Also found the two ram strips in slots 1&2.  Should be in slots 2&4 the board label and Internet says,  so I put them there.

Then the machine booted to Windows desktop very fast, closed down fast too.  Internet pages came up slowly, since by ethernet network download was 1/500th the speed of other computers on same network.  Other programs worked quickly.  This went on for 3 hours.  Then I got occupied with other stuff, 4 hours later found desktop in sleep mode.  Could not wake with mouse or keyboard, had to try the reset switch on front next to power switch.  No light on it or power switch anymore, no effect.


Had to power off the PSU. On pressing power on switch (no light on it anymore), just a burst of fans on box and CPU, then died down to minimum. No video out. No BIOS access that I know of. No Windows. Board LEDs come on, lit several logos, the power button on the board, the overclock buttons. Tried and tried for days to get anything with many versions of power up, connections and boot.

Update 2:

 Moved RAM around, tried one at a time. Unplugged all drives from board and power. Took out RAM. Disconnected monitor. Always the same, just a burst of all fans, settled to idle level, nothing else. The double digit LED status display on the board does not light anymore, no clue there.

Went on line, found a history of failures of the board. Suggestions at MSI forum were not effective in changing anything.

Update 3:

Changed the CPU cooler back to the liquid cooler, no improvement. Seems like a dead or damaged motherboard. Any ideas out there?

Update 4:

Took board out of case, made sure all the important power leads were connected, tried to boot from power button on board.  Still same result.

Update 5:

Have ordered a new ASUS Z97 board with same socket and RAM requirements, slightly different video outputs, might be here in 4-6 weeks.  Thanks, guys.

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  • 2 months ago
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    time for a technician who knows more than either you or I

  • Pearl
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    2 months ago

    take it to a computer place and have them fix it

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